Prov’s ejection seats – without the cartridges and the chutes. Still looking intimidating.

The firex parts are arriving this week, courtesy of quite a few very helpful people!

The annual service is expected to be completed in 4 weeks.


G-PROV will be 50 Next Year!

Prov is turning 50 next year – but looks and feels like new. This is thanks to thorough maintenance and care that require financing. Please support us to help us celebrate her 50 years of flying. As far as we know she is the only vintage jet combat veteran still flying – come onboard and take part in preserving the living history.

PROV in Annual Maintenance

Having done well over 30 hours this year PROV is undergoing annual maintenance – an equaliser service which is likely to take around 6 weeks.

Prov is missed terribly and we visit her every weekend – plus look at her photos every day!

If you would like to see Prov back in the air please join us!

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Brunty Visit

There’s nothing better than visiting old friends – especially when you commute in a jet and know you’ll get there within about 20 mins, wherever it is really.

There was lots of noise there, mainly the sound of freedom caused by Buccaneers, Lightnings, Victor, VC10, Hunters etc. It does make you feel very alive.

See VIVM departing to Brunty in style…