Membership & Training

Which one is yours?

Social: From just £50/month you can receive updates and recent news on flights and maintenance, etc plus supervised access to the aircraft.
From £100/month or £1000 one off fee in addition to the above there is also a possibility of a subsidised cost share flight (not guaranteed). We sometimes have an empty seat and depending on your contribution there is a possibility (not guaranteed) of more cost share flights.

Flying: (costs depend on the current number of members – just contact us):
Option 1: fixed cost per flight (block hour) plus fuel.
Option 2: flat monthly fee, cost of fuel and an equal share of maintenance and operational costs.

A training flight cost depends on the current cost of fuel, oil etc.

This includes fuel, briefings, loan of equipment, etc. You can do aerobatics and get plenty of hands on time. If you decide that jet flying is not for you then there is no further commitment.

All flights are subject to the usual T&Cs – weather, fitness, aircraft serviceability etc. The costs are also subject to changes. Flights can be cancelled at a short notice by the pilot. All flights are private arrangements and not conducted in accordance with commercial air transport or public transport rules.

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Jet Training / Conversion

Minimum Requirements

You must be over 18 years old, be in reasonable health and not suffering from any condition or illness that would render you medically unfit to fly in a jet. You do not need to be a pilot or have any previous flying experience. If you do want to undertake formal pilot training and fly the aircraft solo or with unqualified passengers then you will require the following: An ICAO recognised fixed wing pilots licence and JAA/EASA class 2 medical. Minimum requirement is a PPL and 100 hrs total time on fixed wing aircraft prior to commencing training. Single engine piston is acceptable, however motor glider and microlight hours are at the discretion of the insurance company. Unfortunately the UK National PPL is not acceptable to fly jet aircraft.


  • Access to training manuals, technical manuals, checklists, study aids etc.
  • Fly the aircraft on your first solo as soon as the instructors think you are ready.*
  • On successful completion of the basic training package carry passengers.*
  • Have the instructors on hand to offer help and advice as well as periodic ‘Dual Checks’.
  • Undertake any or all of the advanced training as you wish.
  • Fly either aircraft.
  • Full training records kept by instructors of all training undertaken.

* Licence holders only