Swords Aviation is Britain’s premier operator of Jet Provost aircraft and offers its members what they like most.

Flying members can have anything from fun trips to complete jet training including high and low altitude flight, aerobatics, formation flying and tailchasing as well as the freedom to fly for fun in a jet. Swords Aviation provides its members with a well organised operating structure combined with excellent jet pilot training by expert instructor pilots. After thorough training our members may carry passengers, explore new airfields or simply enjoy a unique kind of flying.

Social members receive monthly updates on the most recent flights and maintenance, regular access to the aircraft (and pilots!) and free or subsidised flights depending on the membership level.

Swords instructors are among the very best. All have either flown fast jets in the RAF or commercial jets with the major airlines. Our instructors are all fully qualified jet instructors, many previously within the military system, as well as being approved by the CAA to instruct on ex-military jets.

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Whatever you decide to do with us it will change your life.

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