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BAC Jet Provost Mk 52  (Ground attack export version of the Mk 4)

Construction Number PAC/W/23905, ex RAF Serial XS228, SAAF (S. Yemen) Serial 104, Singapore AF Serial 352gprov-1214

Role and Equipment

The only Mk 52 Jet Provost still flying, G-PROV is a light ground attack export version of the Mk 4 trainer and is a true combat veteran. The aircraft has full dual controls and two sets of flight instruments, VOR / DME system and Garmin 250 GPS coupled to Skymap GPS moving map. Martin Baker Mk 4 ejection seats with PSP (Personal Survival Pack) containing dinghy and various survival aids. Fully functioning and certified main and emergency oxygen systems.

Leading Particulars

Length: 32 ft 5 in (9.88 m)

Span: 36 ft 11 in (11.25 m)
Max Takeoff Weight: 8355 lbs (3788 kgs)
Engine: Rolls Royce Viper 202 rated at 2450 lbs thrust
Max Speed Dive: 400 kts IAS (460 mph) or 0.73 M
Max Speed Straight and Level ( ~ 23,000 ft): 345 kts (397 mph)
Max Speed Straight and Level (sea level): 322 kts (371 mph)
Max Rate of Climb (Sea Level): 4000 ft/min
Time Sea Level to 25,000 ft: 9.5 mins
Service Ceiling: 36,500 ft
Takeoff Roll (sea level, nil wind, 20°C): 1570 ft (478 m)
Landing Roll (sea level, nil wind, 20°C): 2010 ft (792 m)


PAC/W/23905 was built by BAC in Warton in 1964 as a Mk 4 aircraft and delivered to the RAF as serial number XS228. However, the aircraft was retained in a maintenance unit and returned to BAC in 1967 and modified to Mk 52 standard as a ground attack aircraft for export. The aircraft served with the South Arabian Federation (South Yemen) Air Force as serial number 104 where it saw active service and sustained minor combat damage during operations. In December 1975 it was transferred to the Singapore Air Force where it served as serial number 352. Superceded by the BAC 167 Strikemaster, the aircraft was withdrawn from service in late 1980 before being sold to a British company in 1983. It is the only Mk 52 still flying.