Autumnal colours are beautifully captured by our irreplacible photographer.

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He did it!

Huge congratulations to our new student (and his instructor) on his first solo!!

Want to do it too? You can!


Ready to do it again!

IMG_4998.PNGSubject to the CAA giving us an mpd exemption as they promised we are hoping to fly on Sun…a few times! Quite a few interesting people & jets are expected to turn up… join us.

We had to wait for the exemption for a month. After a few delays and the workshop involving the vintage jet industry representatives and organised by the CAA we are very close to getting airborne on Sun. We were able to demonstrate that the engine fuel elastomeric parts failure does not cause any significant impact on the normal flight.

Engine run!

Looks like in the latest installment of Owners & Engineers vs Birds & Tech Issues the former finally established a strong lead. Prov had a successful engine run today and is very close to getting airborne – under her own power!

The 7th of Jan still remains the date when a lot of vintage jets may be grounded due to the CAA mandatory permit directive. 


Prov’s ejection seats – without the cartridges and the chutes. Still looking intimidating.

The firex parts are arriving this week, courtesy of quite a few very helpful people!

The annual service is expected to be completed in 4 weeks.


PROV in Annual Maintenance

Having done well over 30 hours this year PROV is undergoing annual maintenance – an equaliser service which is likely to take around 6 weeks.

Prov is missed terribly and we visit her every weekend – plus look at her photos every day!

If you would like to see Prov back in the air please join us!

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